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Revolutionize Your Restaurant Marketing with Restaurant Follow-Up

Welcome to Restaurant Follow-Up, the comprehensive digital marketing solution designed exclusively for restaurants. We understand that as a restaurant owner, you've got a lot on your plate. Managing multiple platforms for different aspects of online marketing can be time-consuming and confusing. That's why we've developed a user-friendly platform that integrates all your marketing needs into one place. Whether you're looking to revamp your website or simply enhance your existing marketing efforts, we have the tools and solutions to help you succeed. Choose your path below to learn how Restaurant Follow-Up can streamline your marketing process and help grow your business

Revamp My Website & Boost My Marketings

Is your restaurant's website in need of a fresh look?

Want a site that's as deliciously designed as your dishes are prepared? Opt for our full package to get a customized, mobile-friendly website tailored to your branding. Enjoy an easy-to-use editor for fuss-free changes and updates. Plus, supercharge your online marketing efforts with our comprehensive Restaurant Follow-Up platform. Give your restaurant the online presence it deserves.

I Love My Website - Supercharge My Marketing

Happy with your current website but feel your online marketing could use a boost? Elevate your restaurant to the next level with our Restaurant Follow-Up platform. Enjoy seamless integration with your existing website and take control of your social media management, reputation control, Email/SMS marketing, and much more all in one place. Our platform is designed to simplify your marketing process, leaving you more time to create the delightful dishes your customers love.

A Few of The Features Available in Restaurant Follow-Up

Build your Database on Autopilot

Easily capture the information of your guests, website visitors, callers, and more on autopilot.

Your database of customers and prospective customers is one of your largest assets for your restaurant. Restaurant Follow-up allows you to build this database virtually on autopilot.

Follow Up Automatically

Automatically follow up with customers that call you, text you, order from you and visit your restaurant.

This ensures that you never miss a connection with your customers or possible customers - automatically text missed callers back with the information they are seeking.

Never miss a message from your customers

Manage your customer communication from one place - get email, text, and Facebook messages from your customers in one place.

Even allowing your customers to text with you from your website if you wish!

Get More Reviews

A great reputation is critical for a restaurant!

Get more reviews and manage the process right from one marketing platform.

Manage Your Social Media

Manage your Social Media with our Social Media planner. This allows you to plan everything out in one place.

We have even loaded in some templates for you to use!

Monthly Social Media Calendar

Each month we will provide you with a content calendar that you can use full of ideas for marketing your restaurant.

Social Media Management

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We play nice with others. :)

You won't need to integrate with much when you use our all-in-one platform...but we're ready to do it when necessary.

Limited time offer of just $299/month for our comprehensive Restaurant Follow-Up System

Revamp My Website & Boost My Marketing

I Love My Website - Supercharge My Marketing

See For Yourself!

$397 a month

  • Social Media Planner and Posting Tool

  • Reputation Management

  • Email/SMS Marketing

  • CRM

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • 2 Way Text and Email Conversation

  • Online Chat

  • Call Tracking

  • Website/Funnel Creation

  • Forms

  • Surveys

  • HTML Builder

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